Wednesday, November 02, 2011

November Thoughts

Hello to all who read my blog. It is already November. The trees are either shedding their leaves or changing color and very soon we will be celebrating another Thanksgiving. Harvest time or the Fall as some call it, has always been a favorite of mine.

Its a time to give thanks for all the many blessings He has bestowed on us. So many things have happened this year.. My youngest grand daughter was born. She's a beautiful child. My second son lost his life in June. A victim of a car coming down on top of him while he inspected it for repair. It seems unreal. I love him so much. Hard to believe he is gone. Life does go on though.

Crafter's in the Attic is still a very small group of crafters who really care about people in need. We have made and donated to many places in the U.S. this year. Our group is also now on Facebook. Just a little fledgling start. I hope others will come to find us there. Still we are small. Small can be good too!

Currently, I just finished my donations for this year. I also finished some Pay It Forward gifts that I sort of forgot amid all the craziness this year. My dearest friend's mother passed just recently. She was 94 years old. I only really got to know her the two weeks I visited my friend, but I sort of fell in love with this lady. She will be missed. I wish I could spend time with my friend right now. I would love to give her a hug and just be there for her..Unfortunately that is not possible. She's in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan and I'm in California.

I learned this year how to knit much better without so many dropped stitches..Yes! I learned to also do a FPDC/BPDC.. it always looked harder then it was..

I hope that in the next new year, to be able to learn to do more things, to experience things I've not thought possible, and to hopefully make a difference in some one's life..

In the next coming blog I will talk about some Slouchy Hats I learned to make and a new blanket pattern.

Until then,
Hook's Up!
hugs, Leslee